1886 – Joseph Newton Pew and Edward Q. Emerson were partners at Peoples Natural Gas Company in Pittsburgh, PA. when they decided to expand their gas business to oil. It proved to be a success. Within a few years, the oil company had acquired pipelines, leases and storage tanks, emerging as one of the area’s leading suppliers of crude oil.

1890 – They incorporated the Sun Oil Company (Ohio) for the purposes of producing; transporting and storing oil as well as refining, shipping and marketing petroleum.

1920 – Sun opened its first service station in Ardmore, PA, and shortly after, another in Toledo, OH.

1925 – Sun Oil Company went public – its stock appearing for the first time on the New York Stock Exchange,

1937 – Sun placed on stream the world’s first large scale, commercial catalytic cracking plant in Marcus Hook, PA.

1956 – Sun introduced the Custom Blending Pump for dispensing a choice of five octane grades of gasoline from a single pump.

1983 – Sun developed and released the market’s highest octane unleaded gas, Sunoco Ultra 94.

1984 – Sunoco oils are once again being distributed in China, this time from a new lube oil blending and packaging plant in Shekou, a joint venture between Sun and the Chinese government.

1998 – Sun Company, Inc. changed its name to Sunoco, Inc.

2004 – Sunoco signed on as the Official Fuel of NASCAR and more recently IndyCar and NHRA in total. Sunoco is the official fuel of more than 50 racing series.